Board Members



Board President
My family and I moved to Delano 15 years ago and have loved everything about this community. Our daughters, Ava & Mya, are in 10th grade and have been active in a variety of activities in and out of school. I have been part of the DEF board for 8 years and am looking forward to working with this new board to deliver on the original goals of the endowment to enhance the educational opportunities for all students in Delano, and building strong connections in the community.

Van Schooneveld

Vice President


My family and I have lived in Independence, part of the Delano School District, for the past 12+ years. Our son Bennett is currently in 4th grade and Brooke is in 1st grade, and we have had a great experience in the district so far! I joined the DEF board in the fall of 2022 as a way to meet more families in Delano and give back to our schools and community. I have a passion for strengthening our programs, building new capabilities, and adding to our resources to ensure students get the best experience possible as they grow up in Delano and the surrounding areas.


I joined the board in 2022 because I wanted to increase involvement in the community, and now serve as Secretary. I have 2 children invested in Delano Public Schools. I am committed to advancing the mission of the foundation by providing enriching opportunities and resources for students and teachers in Delano


Board Director
My wife and I moved to Delano eight years ago and have since started our family here. Our children are just starting their journey through Delano schools which is one of the reasons I decided to join DEF in 2022. I’m excited for the future of our community and hope that DEF can have a positive impact on the students and more broadly throughout the school system.


Board Director
Website Lead
My children have been students at the Delano School district since kindergarten and are now in high school. My husband is also a Delano alumnus. I am a strong believer that a thriving community is made up of engaged, active adult members and children supported by the community, including a strong educational environment. I look forward to contributing to the future of our children and our thriving community.